Stunning deep red in color, this wine beautifully expresses fruit flavours of plum and red cherry. Taste is wonderfully intense with flavours of well ripened dark fruits, blackberry and mint. This wine is perfect to drink now.


Fermentation happens in French oak. Varying from stainless steel, this approach provides improved color and flavor stability. After fermentation, the wine is transferred to 30% new French oak barrels for 16-22 months. By using only 30% new oak, increased levels of fruit flavors are promoted within the wine, ensuring the wine has maximum character and flavor with great ageing potential.


Marianne Wine Estate presents rich, nuanced food wines with exemplary aging potential, making them suitable for wine collectors. The wines are also prepared to display full fruit and tightly integrated tannins upon a vintage's initial release. This careful balance ensures a fantastic drinking experience immediately.


This wine is easily drinkable on its own but will also complement flavourful meat very well. We recommend a seasoned beef steak or if you prefer fish then a juicy seared tuna steak.


Alcohol: 15%

Volume: 75cl

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