A medium bodied red wine infused with south African and French varietals. This wine demonstrates fruit driven aromas of black berries and blackcurrant.. A beautifully intense yet well-rounded taste with distinct fruity elements. The wine is perfect to drink now yet could mature well within the bottle for a further 3 years.


34% Pinotage 
24% Cabernet Sauvignon 
26% Shiraz 
14% Merlot


The grape varietals were handpicked separately at phenolic ripeness and stored at 10 °C to ensure the finest flavour and freshness. Subsequent processing, fermentation and maturation was also carried out separately for each varietal. Upon crushing, a temperature of 10 °C was maintained and both skins and juice were left in contact in stainless steel tanks for 10 days for optimum colour extraction. After fermentation, flavour and colour was allowed to develop for a period of 3 weeks before being transferred to third filled French oak barrels for 16-22 months. The use of third filled allows us to delicately enhance the fruit flavours within the wine without destroying them. Only barrels containing maximum character and flavour are then selected for use in the final blend.


Marianne Wine Estate presents rich, nuanced food wines with exemplary aging potential, making them suitable for wine collectors. The wines are also prepared to display full fruit and tightly integrated tannins upon a vintage's initial release. This careful balance ensures a fantastic drinking experience immediately.


Will do well with any light summer meal such as a Mediterranean platter. Also perfect to drink around a typical South African braai. 


Alcohol: 14%

Volume: 75cl

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