Brand Fairview


Deep crimson. Highly perfumed - with rich notes of mulberry, black cherries and a light spice quality on the nose. Dark fruit and more savoury on the palate, with a touch of black pepper. Bold and fresh on the long, tangy finish. This wine will harmonise very agreeably over the short to medium term, with a cellar life of 8 – 10 years. Gorgeous with grilled lamb or grass fed beef, and strong hard cheeses such as cheddar or a mellow blue.


100% Shiraz

The grapes were harvested ripe at 25°B. Only the best bunches were selected in the vineyard and transported to the cellar in crates. The grapes were destemmed and the berries were hand-sorted and transferred to large wooden vats (open fermenters). Punch downs were completed 3 times a day, mixing the skins for optimum flavour and colour extraction. The wine was basket- pressed and allowed to complete malolactic fermentation in 225l French barrels. To complete the process, the wine was racked and matured in French barrels (40% new oak) for 20 months. The best barrels were selected, blended and bottled.


The Dreyer family has farmed on this land since 1705. Willie, the present generation Dreyer farmer, has an intimate knowledge of dry land farming. Unirrigated bush vines battle through large, flat, grey shale stone. The roots must claw their way deep beneath the rock in search of moisture and nutrients.

The Swartland (Black Land) region of the Cape gets its name from the indigenous veld “Rhinoceros Veld” which has a natural dark shade. This region has been farmed since the early 1700, by free burghers who were settled by the Dutch East India Company to provide supplies for the company’s ships sailing to the spice islands in the east. Wild animals often preyed on the burghers’ sheep, and competed for food and water. This provided an excuse to defy the administrators of the Cape, and start wine production in this region. The Jakkalsfontein vineyards are situated around a spring where, to this day, the eerie evening calls of black-backed jackals can be heard. Old unirrigated bush vines produce bunches of Shiraz grapes with small berries, resulting in a concentrated berry and spice laden wine with a long finish.


Alcohol: 14%

Volume: 75cl 

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